About us

Tayada opened its door for public around July 2008. We are three young generations AnasTasia Katianda, Yenni Natalia and Deddy Iriawan, who fall in love with our simple batik couture. Our mission is to make a colorful batik, ready to wear with simple origami design.

At first we started with 12 originals designs. We used the batik from Garut, with colorful and lively designs. From the kindness heart of our friends, we went to little bazaar, organized by a friend, and from there, we sold our batiks.

An opportunity came up in around September 2008, where we got a chance to be in Singaporean Ambassador Bazaar. It opened up another opportunity for us, to fill up a stand in Alun Alun, Grand Indonesia. It has been a great almost five years, that Tayada Batik can be a part of Alun Alun Indonesia.

In August 2009, we opened our first little boutique in Jl. Cibitung 1/19. In each year, we also participated in Aussie Bazaar, organized by Santa Ursula Alumnus.

In August 2011, we moved across the street to even bigger shop in Jl. Cibitung 1/16. In 2012, we participated in WIC and Indonesia Fashion Week.

In 2013, we began to design our own batik pattern. We design exclusively just for you.

We are now located at Jl. Cibitung 1/5B, not far from where we started around 6 years ago. We value our customer and try to give the best possible design.