Frequently Asked Questions

How can I shop or place order? 

Please visit our “How to Order” section in Help Menu.


Do I need an account to order? 

Yes. Register an account so you can make a faster checkout and payment and you don’t have to retype your address every time you want to purchase our products.


I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do? 

Click “Forgot Password?” link at the Sign In Home Page and follow the instructions.


I would like to order Sold Out items. Is it possible? 

So sorry for Sold Out items we can’t produce it anymore. We only produced one batik for every size and design.


But if you want to try to request it, you can email us at and tell us what you want to have.



Do you have smaller or larger size ? 

 No, we don't have it on the internet. We suggest you go to our store. With different colors and patterns.


But we have an information in each product page (in Size Guide) for the size suggestion. In each page you can see in "Choose size" our size suggestion.


For example "All size (S-XL)" suggests that the product will fit size from Small to XL.

Meanwhile "All size (M-L)" will fit size Medium to Large.



Here is our size Chart:

All size:

Fit up to the lingkar pinggang 90 cm. Depends on the model.

Size S
Lingkar Badan 90
Pinggang 74
Pinggul 96

Size M
Lingkar Badan 94
Pinggang 78
Pinggul 100

Size L
Lingkar Badan 99
Pinggang 82
Pinggul 102

Size XL
Lingkar Badan 103
Pinggang 86
Pinggul 107


Does Tayada Batik Ship to multiple addresses? 

Yes, we can ship to another address,

but if you want to ship to 2 or 3 addresses, you have to make 2 or 3 separate orders.


How soon can I get my order? 

After you order, transfer, and confirm your payment, we will process the order the NEXT DAY / in 24 hours.

Note that process is only checking the payment, preparing and delivering the goods to the shipping company.

After that, the shipping company needs certain amount of time to deliver it to you, varies from 1-2 days for domestic and 3-8 days for international deliveries. 

In short, from confirmation time the order will arrive earliest in 3 days.


For more info, click “Shipping Policy” section in Help Menu.